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Easy to use

Surveer does not require an app download and simply works in your browser. It has a user-friendly interface and a true WYSIWYG survey builder.

Multilingual surveys

Create one survey and translate it into multiple languages. Respondents can choose their preferred language. The platform supports 78 languages.

Mobile friendly

Both the platform in which you create and analyze surveys, as well as the survey itself, are mobile-friendly.

Skip logic

Use skip logic to create custom paths through the survey based on each respondent's answers.


Analyze survey results in an automatically generated report. You can customize charts and data display.


Custom domain support

Use your organization's subdomain (e.g., for the survey links you are sharing.


Survey branding

Bring out your brand. Add your company logo to the survey, and remove Surveer's brand if you wish.


Collect geolocation

Ask respondents for the location coordinates of their smart device to conduct location-dependent surveys.


Export results

Export all collected survey responses as an “Excel” spreadsheet file (CSV, XLSX) or a full report as a visual PDF file. If you like, you can even export individual charts.

Friendly support

Should the need arise, prompt and friendly help is always just one email away:


Additional web links

Create different web links to your survey to share on different channels (e.g., social media, website) so that you can analyze the answers in more detail later.

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